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‘I am increasingly asked for fresh buttercream designs and cakes decorated with fruit or luxury truffles for example – rather than Royal Icing.’ Although there are plenty of modern brides out there, many brides-to-be like the idea of having a wedding that is timelessly elegant.

A 1950s looking cake, like this incredibly beautiful design by the Little Venice Cake Company, is set to be big in 2016. Floral creations Florals couldn’t be more fashionable when it comes to the world of weddings right now, and this goes for floral wedding cakes too.

It’s a dating app geared toward the fitness community (as you can infer from the name), which allows users to answer questions about their fitness regimen, then matches them with men or women who have similar lifestyle, fitness, and wellness preferences.

Founder Dan Ilani told am New York that with the influx of Tinder-esque dating apps popping up in the marketplace, there’s been a reduction of quality matches.

This colourful tower by The Sugared Saffron Cake Studio is particularly striking. Decadent dessert table Rather than opting for one cake, Peggy Porschen has noticed a trend for brides wanting a dessert table.

‘There is also a trend towards indulgent treats, non traditional flavoured sponges and scrumptious fillings,’ says Porschen.

Bold tones are set to be a key trend in wedding cakes for 2016. Flowers with a difference Wedding cakes with sugared flowers will continue to be popular in 2016.You would think choosing your wedding cake would be simple. Should you go for a ‘naked’ wedding cake (one without icing) or perhaps a macaroon tower?If you like keeping up with the latest bridal trends, read the top 12 wedding cake trends for 2016.There are tons of myths about feminism to debunk (yes, some of us shave our legs and wear bras. Given the pervasiveness of these false ideas, it may come as a surprise that you can be a feminist and also be fiercely devoted to a man. I have been with my boyfriend Joseph for six years, and I think of him as a fundamental shaper of my identity.We have pushed each other to thrive since we were teens. People who enjoy feeling loved, who can thrive on selflessly nurturing a beloved partner.But for the purposes of this article I use language that refers to heterosexual relationships between two cisgender people because that is the area in which I have personal experience.By now, I hope it is clear that feminism is not man-hating. But the man-hating stereotype is one preconceived notion that just won’t die.Contrary to popular belief, you can fight "the Man" while dating a man.Before I continue, I recognize that not all women are attracted to men and that gender itself transcends these two categories.Many years ago, I was in love with a woman friend of mine, let’s call her P, and when I used my words, she told me that she didn’t feel the same way and was already in love with someone else (a mutual friend of ours, A).I was heart-broken and after about a year of being sad I resolved to move on and rebuild my life.

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