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But mostly I just want to say, quite simply, that the movie made me feel like this.

And many others have marveled at the record-breaking impact of the film and its historic box office. Yes, of course, I would have happily watched 2.5 hours of Amazons training on the beach.

An hour before the airline posted a link to the statement on its Twitter page, Hailey was retweeting a comment calling attention to a page on the Southwest website where the airline had highlighted its 'outreach and commitment to the GLBT community'.

I could say so much about how the “Wonder Woman” film made me feel.

In this situation, their removal was directly and solely related to the escalated conversation that developed onboard the aircraft.” This updated statement and the one released by Hailey and Grey earlier on Tuesday actually agree on the point that the verbal exchange became elevated.

The couple admit they became “verbally upset” after they claim the flight attendant told them the company is a “family oriented airline.” STORY: Southwest Airlines Sparks Outcry After Kicking ' L Word' Actress Off Flight for Kissing Girlfriend The two statements also seem to agree that the couple was approached initially based on customer complaints stating that the display of affection was “excessive.” And that may be the point of contention for Hailey and Grey who state, “We were not making out or creating any kind of spectacle of ourselves, it was one, modest kiss.” Southwest Airlines did not immediately return a request for clarification.

“At least one family who was offended by the loud profanity moved to another area of the cabin.” “Although we have reports of what customers characterize as an excessive public display of affection, ultimately their aggressive reaction led to their removal from the aircraft,” the statement continues.

“We do not tolerate discrimination against anyone for any reason.

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They want to feel, kiss and caress each other anywhere and anyplace.

I love the idea of my whole world being taken over by love and infatuation.

And what would make a better bodyguard than a wookie? Ultimately it’s just a really cathartic process for me.

Pop Matters 20 Questions caught up with them while on the road and, typical of their collaborative nature, they combine their responses, here.

He’s fluffy and unassuming, and shows up right when Atreyu needs him.

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