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We would personally like to thank all of the website template designers and developers for all of their hard work in creating these free website templates. What did he say in response [to the fashion comment]? TK: Yeah, half of me is, and the other half feels I should challenge them. Have you had any relationships since becoming positive? Before diagnosis I had a three-year relationship and a couple of relationships of six months.I'm open about my HIV status, I'm quite a strong person, and I can deal with most crap people throw my way about it, so I'm trying to change attitudes a little bit. That just feeds the insecurity that comes with HIV. My doctor wants me to try meditation to stay on the right [psychological] track, because it's so easy to drown yourself in the negativity that's around. I was surprised at how much I didn't know about HIV. Have people said they were fine with you being positive and then it transpired that they weren't? I started dating someone last summer, someone I'd known for about four years.Mute za Anyone with contact details 4 Chris Mwala, William Meza, Lenard Murwisi,pliz cal Mac at 27733679004. Single guy 29 Pretoria.looking 4 single ladies 4 relationship or friendship, must be from 19-29or col on 0813101201 frm 9pm-6am I wld like 2 say hie 2 walata family,not 4getting my son Miguel. So I said, "If you've got a problem with that, fine, let's just not talk." And after not hearing from him for a couple of hours he said, "Oh, you've got HIV? How have you found dating generally since the diagnosis? If I meet a guy and we get on I won't pursue it because sometimes I presume it's not going to go anywhere.I'm just not ready for that kind of complication in my life." Which was frustrating and which was why I responded in the way that I did. When someone asks if you're "clean" are you not tempted to just ignore them? TK: I've found it more difficult but a lot of that comes from myself. I am learning to deal with my feelings around it and dating.People like him don't have any knowledge about HIV and don't know what "undetectable" means [an undetectable viral load occurs when medication suppresses the virus to such low levels it doesn't show up on lab tests], and don't realise that it means you can't pass the virus on. I've had other HIV-positive people tell me, "Oh, just date other positive people," and I can see their point but that's so sad for me because I don't just want to date other HIV-positive [people].How did you feel when that guy said he's "not ready for that complication"? I can see the logic of it, because you don't have to explain everything all the time, but it's not the way forward, because we don't need to segregate ourselves. I'm met HIV-positive people who say, "Why go for a negative person? Im from ZIM looking 4 a job as a hairdresser in GAUTENG. Sithole H Cape Town I`m looking for Tinei Makhuyana, Tatenda Mteya and my sister in UK based in Gutu i`m Peter Mteya Chipinge Mabhiza on this No 0716271273 Cap Town. I jst wnt 2 greet my rick,nomore,tanaka ndichiti pakadini pachemuuyu.

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