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But the film (with a couple of sick and twisted adjustments) is mostly reminiscent of the "women's pictures" of the 1930s and 40s, starring the shoulder-pad boss-bitches of Hollywood’s Golden Age, dominant dames like Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Barbara Stanwyck, whose characters were put through wringers involving snake-in-the-grass boyfriends/husbands, ungrateful children, career treachery.

It's a rape-revenge-ensemble-comedy-thriller-stalker mashup, if you can even picture that.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived after Latimer called in a domestic violence incident, according to an affidavit obtained by NBC 9.

Like “Before Sunrise,” a film which invites comparison, “Southside with You” is a two-hander that's top-heavy with dialogue, walking and a knowing sense of location.

On March 18, 2015, the football player was ticketed for improper lighting on his vehicle, and missed a court date in April.

So this minor traffic citation turned into an arrest warrant. Deputies went ahead and cuffed both Latimer and Rando.

As in life, whether we want to admit it or not, those lines are often blurred. There are competing objectives in every conversation, each side maneuvering to get what they want.

Every interaction, not just sexual and political, contains small jostles for power, position, dominance. Jostling for power comes in many different forms, playing out in romantic relationship, office dynamics, even in a conversation with a group of friends where you have something to say and everyone is too busy talking to give you "the floor." "Elle" is a dissertation on power dynamics. The current view is that consent in sex is a cut-and-dry thing. There is no doubt that the rape in "Elle" is horrifying. The rapist wipes the blood from Michele's vagina off of his hip bone as he gets up off of her.

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