Dating and signing diagnostic test orders

CMS published specific requirements associated with authenticating orders for tests.To encourage and implement best practice for our orders, we will be utilizing these guidelines for all payors.It is important to remember that while the CMS guidelines for independent diagnostic testing facilities (IDTFs) and physician offices differ from the hospital guidelines, many private payers use one set of guidelines, regardless of the place of service.

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To make it easier to determine specific concerns by location, the questions addressed in this article will be divided into all locations, hospitals, and IDTFs/physician offices.

Note that the hospital category will include hospital-based radiologists. A: A valid order must contain, at minimum, the patient’s name, the test requested, clinical indications for the test, and the name and signature of the treating physician.

Q: Where can I find the guidelines in the Medicare rules that define “valid physician’s order”?

A quantification of a target substance, a cell type or another specific entity is a common output of, for example, most blood tests.

This is not only answering if a target entity is present or absent, but also how much is present.

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