Dating biggest loser sam

Since being admitted to the hospital, Sam has stayed strong through three surgeries.

To date, many of his internal injuries are on the healing mend."He still has a long road ahead and is already a true testament to the power of prayer.

Sam Poueu joined Biggest Loser season nine with his teammate and cousin Koli Palu (who is currently dating fellow contestant Ashley Johnston) weighing 372 pounds.

The 23-year-old is working every day to not only improve quality of life for himself, but for those around him.

The long awaited nuptials of Biggest Loser’s Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson are finally here!

People reported today that the couple is getting married tomorrow, April 28, in San Francisco, California.

Fans across the nation held digital vigil as Sam made a triumphant recovery, and Stephanie frequently expressed her gratitude for the support.

"When it comes to Dillon [Sam is] definitely creating a bond with him, a father/son bond, and he's a great help." PHOTOS: Reality love gone bad "We're taking it one day at a time right now, and the great thing is, I can separate my own feelings," she said of their relationship. He's the most important thing to me – and to Sam. Poueu "suffered many serious internal injuries and a trauma to the right side of his head," the statement continued."Sam has made positive and encouraging strides since his accident."I found them in 2009, and before Biggest Loser, when I was close to 300 pounds, I started the program and in 10 weeks I lost 30 pounds." PHOTOS: Celebrity pregnancies The reality star stopped the program once she joined the weight-loss competition series, but started it up again after gaining 65 pounds during her pregnancy with baby Dillon. And Fresh Mommy has some extra snacks and breakfast so I feel like I'm constantly eating," she continued."That's something from Biggest Loser, that was what they wanted you to feel.Four months following his season finale, he says he’s at a weight that’s maintainable and that this lifestyle has become second nature.Watch now as he talks about his experience at Biggest Loser Resort, calling it “something special that’s filling in the gap from Biggest Loser,” why the “fighting weight” he worked toward at finale isn’t realistic, and what a date weekend field trip with Stephanie looks like.Of the Biggest Loser Resort he says it’s “an educational value-based program that teaches how to live,” and even though he’s been through what is probably the most rigorous training program on earth he says he’s “still trying to get there.” Sam explains that what you find at the Biggest Loser ranch (where filming takes place) is “magic” and reminds people that in the end it’s a game show and not reality.Sam commits himself to weekly weigh-ins to keep himself on track, and admits to sometimes still feels some anxiety.While their romance wasn't chronicled on the show, their engagement was after Sam popped the question during taping of a special last October.Stephanie said: 'It is such a joy and a testament to what we've been through that we've been able to go through some of the hardest chapters in our lives and start this new chapter with such positivity.

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