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Kathmandu is the valley surrounded by green hills and traditional rural villages.

You will get chance to explore around kathmandu with your short time limits. It’s 3 hours of hike through paddy fields and suburban villages.

Those intent on duty-free shopping in Phnom Penh can peel their eyebrows from the ceiling perusing Tokyo prices – US for a one-litre bottle of Chivas and US for a one-litre bottle of duty-free Johnnie Walker Black Label.

A BVLGARI Rose Essentielle 50ml Step outside to flag a metered taxi or hone your negotiating skills to bag a ride into town – just six kilometres and 20 minutes away – for around US, or less if you have a convincing kerbside manner.

The elegantly built temple has elaborate roof struts showing multi-armed Tantric deities.

SEE ALSO Angkor Guide | Laos | Hanoi Guide | Vietnam Beach Resorts | Bangkok Hotels JUMP TO Getting around Phnom Penh | Temples, pagodas and museum | Shopping and fun | Nightlife in Phnom Penh | Business hotels | Boutique hotels | Hotel Contacts AT FIRST glance, Phnom Penh doesn’t seem much at all. The odd elephant lumbers down the quay along with zinging two-wheelers and the occasional muscle SUV with mysteriously tinted windows and official number plates, always escorted by a motorcycle outrider, siren wailing. Orange-robed monks awaiting alms did their rounds, stopping prayerfully outside the better off establishments thronged with red-faced Europeans.

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It is 22km from Kathmandu and 6km to the north of Bhaktapur.

70% of the walk goes through the pine forest with lots of Rhododendron trees and various wild flowers.

The walk ends at the Botanical garden of Godavari where you can observe various species of rare plants and flowers found in Nepal.

There are also cheaper tuk tuk motorcycle cabs seating from four persons to an entire planeload plus a packet of chips depending on the disposition of the driver and passengers.

The intrepid and tight of wallet can head down the pecking order to contract a sputtering two-wheeler but, in either case, be prepared to inhale vast quantities of dust.

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