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I've got a few hand-made clay mugs and dishes and such.

Will they be damaged by being put in the dishwasher?

Well, the pressure of the spray and the detergents are the risk, not the heat.

It might be a cumulative effect over time, which is hard to test.

The bottom shows the name, if there is one, the color of the clay, the way the piece is fired, and other characteristics that help with the identification.

If you're looking to identify a piece of marked pottery, you may want to check our American Pottery Marks and Resource Directory and compare the mark there. Since not all pottery is marked, the identification must be done with a little more resourcefulness. Most American pottery pieces have some weight to them–unlike the Japan imports of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s that seem fairly light in comparison.

(imagine an old, brown stoneware crock) As pottery techniques matured around the turn of the century, many larger potteries were formed.This is something that has to be developed over time.It is not that any piece over a certain weight is American pottery–it is the relationship between the size and the weight that helps determine the country of origin.This thistle pattern (probably the most masculine of Stangl’s flower patterns) was produced between 19 (the full set contains over 50 different pieces including a very hard to find kidney-shaped serving platter).Part of the pattern was carved directly into the clay, and each of the pieces were hand painted so that no two pieces are exactly the same!(think industrialization) Many produced artistic works that the creator would want recognition for his efforts.Anyway, every company had their own rules about marking their wares.Well, some of the pottery lovers like myself have spent years identifying American pottery, and one of the best ways to do this is by looking at the bottom of the piece.In most of the American pottery pieces, the bottom tells more than the glaze. That is, I have five different sets of dishware, and I would have ten more sets if I had the room to store them.This is my collection of thistle dinnerware produced by Stangl Pottery.

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