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But it was only after the former jug band and their bluegrass and rockabilly sound became transformed by the profound lyrics of songwriter Robert Hunter that The Grateful Dead achieved true greatness.

As a clinical psychiatrist and an academic writer who’s explored The Grateful Dead on multiple levels, I can tell you from the things that folks have shared with me that I’m not the only one who finds their songs to be tremendously insightful.

But as a second-generation Grateful Yid with scores of concerts under my belt, I can also say that The Grateful Dead’s music reached me on a spiritual level.

In honor of The Grateful Dead’s 50 Anniversary “Fare Thee Well” Goodbye Tour featuring the surviving band members and a few guest stars, it is fitting to explore how their songs carry a wisdom that penetrates the Jewish soul.

We ignored the flaming red flags and let our hearts get broken.

After we learned our lesson, we thought we should warn younger, less-experienced women about no-good men.

He was the youngest brother of the Bee Gees: Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb.

Gibb came to international prominence in the late 1970s with six singles that reached the Top 10 in the United States starting with "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" (1977), as well as three other top 20 singles.

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Many of these songs are considered protest songs, and some have been embraced by various peace movements and peace activists.

In the clip, Gosling and Shields lead a bunch of kids, all dressed in Halloween costumes, through a spare acoustic lament. The pair were nervous and excited to talk about the band, and they seem genuinely committed to the project, which is a labor-intensive D. "Zach was wearing high heels when I first met him, and we were forced to live in the same house on the first day," Gosling explained, laughing.

"I thought, 'Who is this guy, what am I going to do with this character?

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