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You can turn it into a Story, which can be seen as many times as you like for 24 hours.

These stories are like little strings of Snapchat bits, not unlike a sort of holiday photo album.

DHT is recommended by some SRS surgeons to encourage genital growth in transgender men. Learn more in this groundbreaking article that spawned a whole new approach to FTM genital optimization.

Read More BBC Newsbeat follows two transgender friends on a life changing journey to one of the most transphobic countries in the world.

Cut to the chase with @mentions, and get the answer you need.

feeling like their assigned-gender-at-birth matches their actual gender identity).

It is designed to identify children who may benefit from a more thorough developmental and autism evaluation.

The M-CHAT can be administered and scored as part of a well-child check-up, and also can be used by specialists or other professionals to screen for developmental delay and autism.

Using those amazing face-changing filters The best part of Snapchat has to be the face-fiddling filters that make you vomit rainbows and mutate your face into something a hall of mirrors can't touch. It's not immediately obvious how to actually use these "Lenses", since Snapchat is apparently too cool for things like traditional menus.

To open up the Lenses toy box, just hold a finger down on a face in the scene, most likely when using the selfie camera.

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