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Since then, a woman has become the biggest star MMA has ever seen and scores of female fighters have been given the opportunity to compete at the highest level.Among today's champions, trailblazers, fan-favorites, and hot prospects are openly gay women. Marine Corps, Liz Carmouche made MMA history on Feb.Since her loss to Rousey, Carmouche has fought four times in the UFC, winning twice and losing only to women who would go on to challenge Rousey for her belt.Carmouche has long been a proud voice for her community, having done numerous interviews discussing the challenges of both being a gay member of the military and a gay professional athlete.Thanks to the Human Rights Campaign, who began promoting the equality image (pictured above) yesterday to gain online support over today's hearings in Washington, everyone from your long-lost high school acquaintance to celebrities have been voicing their support today with powerful images and words.So what does it mean that all of your Facebook friends' profiles have gone completely red and that even our president is tweeting his support for same-sex marriage? We already know the mental health benefits that come from allowing same-sex couples to marry, that gay parents are thriving, the cost of banning gay marriage and the positive effects of acceptance for all of society.So what else do we need to prove how essential this is?

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ISIS fighters blindfolded a man and made him flee through a field in Syria before stoning him to death.

I was there and marched with around 60 FFs and supporters from around the state of Victoria..

We now have our own group within CFA called "CFA Pride".

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