Gpupdate not updating computer policy

When you make a change to a group policy, you may need to wait two hours (90 minutes plus a 30 minute offset) before you see any changes on the client computers.

Even then, some changes will not take effect until after a reboot of the computer.

Windows periodically refreshes group policy settings throughout the network.

The Group Policy Update action, which is available on the right-click context menu of an organizational unit in the GPMC, can be used to refresh GPO settings remotely, as shown in the screenshot to the left (Figure 1).

When you run this interactively you would either type in Y (yes) or N (no).

In anticipation of this happening I’d recommend pre-emptively answering no. Basically I ran and then piped that output (which would be the letter ‘n’) to following command of GPUpdate.

Just an FYI, this will only answer no to one question.

If GPUpdate asked multiple times to reboot then it will, using this example, hang waiting for an answer.

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