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I am trying to build an example of request for Skyscanner API in Java - but I am doing something wrong - the link for skyscanner API test: Live Pricing Quick Start Here is the test code I have so far - I get an "Internal Server Error".

I used the Http Url Connection insted of the Http Client and Http Post classes.

These parameters define the session, and cannot be changed within the session (with the exception of passenger numbers). Response Details A successful response contains no content.

The URL to poll the booking details is specified in the Location header of the response.

here is the LINQ code I am using: thanks in advance...

What you're seeing is an effect of how VB generated anonymous types in Visual Studio 2008 RTM.

apikey=' api Key; const headers = ; var options = ;, function(error: Error, response: any, body: any) ); However, it always return status Code 415.

Hence no matter what order you specified, if you data bind a query, the columns will display alphabetically.

After I posted my question I have found the reason for my missed request.

I used the queries in the url but you need to put them in the post body by replacing property data with body.

This is something that I cannot believe I have not been able to figure out -- please tell me I am missing something simple...

I have a datagrid, I am filling it with LINQ as well as a custom class to add data to it.

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