Information on consolidating your dept

Then see what the monthly payment would be with a consolidated loan.

Try adjusting the terms, loan types or rate until a consolidation plan fits your needs - and most importantly your budget!

Community Q&A If you've watched TV or opened your mail lately, you know that there are plenty of companies eager to help you consolidate your loans to "cut your payments in half," "lower your interest rates," and "help you get out of debt fast." Indeed, consolidating your high-interest loans and credit card debt into a single loan with a lower interest rate and more manageable payments makes perfect sense. Many people who consolidate loans end up paying more than they would have otherwise.

In the case of home-equity loans, in fact, an alarming number of borrowers end up losing their homes.

The appointment doesn’t cost you anything, it’s completely confidential and without obligation.

Our goal is to provide you with expert advice about your debts so that you can resolve your situation successfully.

All examples are hypothetical and are for illustrative purposes.

Our appointments are either in-person, in one of our offices, or over the phone; whatever is easier for you.If you are drowning in credit card debt, you may be able to save money and pay your debt off more quickly if you choose to consolidate credit cards.By evaluating your situation as well as your options, you can determine whether this makes sense for you.In 2016-2017, with secondary education consolidation completed by August 25, 2016, we were able to enhance our programs with items like a 5 FTE increase in school social workers and 6 math intervention specialists to work with students in need of math support and full-time nurses at elementary schools as they were redeployed from the closed schools as opposed to being laid off.In 2017-2018 we look to keep our momentum moving forward.Many so-called "consolidation" programs can prove not to consolidate debt at all.Thus, debt consolidation has rightfully begun to earn a bad reputation.It's still possible, however, to benefit from consolidation if you explore your options and proceed with caution. Getting help from us is as easy as giving us a call or chatting with us online.The local community support request represents a 4% increase from the 2016-2017 school year.Our local support in 2016-2017 was level funded as compared to the 2015-2016 school year.

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