Inno problem updating

(2) The “/” character is now always displayed correctly when the display is running in the large, scrolling format.(3) Corrected a problem in which the digital clock on the radio occasionally displayed the incorrect time.

The following changes are included in this XM software upgrade version v2.03: (1) Battery life when the radio is off is extended considerably when starting from a fully charged battery. I will check the list again, but seems like that mail hasn't reached me yet. Glad to hear it's not an issue only affecting my system. All that did for me is reset the pad to allow me to enter 1st user and date..but the screen is still not sensitive where it ought to be.Inno3D Graphics Card drivers are tiny programs that enable your Graphics Card hardware to communicate with your operating system software.Maintaining updated Inno3D Graphics Card software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance.Hi, recently I converted a table containing a large amount of text fields from my ISAM to inno-DB and encountered a problem I can't help with.The table structure consists of: textref_id INT(12) UNSIGNED textref_cat_id INT(12) UNSIGNED textgroup_key CHAR(5) NOT NULL texthier_key CHAR(5) NOT NULL textidfc_osk CHAR(25) textcontent TEXT ...Whenever I issue a statement like: UPDATE fulltext_arch SET textref_id=508281, textref_cat_id=881 WHERE textidfc_osk='MED-ADM-20010502-067'; the table becomes corrupted. Is this some limitation of inno DB or should I separate the UPDATE process in two separate UPDATE statements?

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