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Men and women are equally likely to go to the internet for a wide variety of activities, from getting travel information to doing banking to looking up phone numbers and addresses.Men go online in greater numbers than women for a vast, but scattered array of other activities.The unknown seductress has been targeting her victims on Facebook and sending them friend requests before taking things further and pretending she wants a relationship with them.The woman has been targeting young men in her blackmail scam and attempts to lure them into carrying out explicit acts on Skype.The FBI have been able to use the spyware technology for years and have put it in place in terrorism cases or the most serious criminal investigations, Marcus Thomas, former assistant director of the FBI’s Operational Technology Division in Quantico, told the Washington Post.

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• Cyber pervert hacked unsuspecting victims' webcams and watched them having sex Hertfordshire Police, which raised the alarm after receiving 20 reports so far this year, said it believes the con is being carried out around Britain.

Some people in the chat room egged him on while others tried desperately to find his address.

A member in the room contacted the police, who arrived at the scene two minutes later.

He stood on a chair, punched a hole in his ceiling and placed a rope around a joist, and then tied the other end around his neck, then stepped off the chair.

Some people thought this was a prank, until his face started turning blue.

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