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And that reality, that life in the songstress’ shade, is what Neffe calls both a gift and a curse that she details in her book ‘The Price I Paid.’ Below Pugh talks to rollingout: I think the hot topic with you is your lack of appearances on your sister’s show [‘Keyshia & Daniel: Family First] and at her wedding in particular. I would have preferred to have been at the wedding versus being at a ceremonial service.

It’s like this if you’re going to have your wedding, invite me to Vegas when you really got married. Cole called me and asked for me and two of my daughters to get on a plane and come to Hawaii to be a part of her wedding.

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The show has not yet been picked up by a network so there's no air date yet either.Source: Facebook Considering all of the turmoil and negativity surrounding reality stars of today, it is great to see that some have broken free from the negativity and have grown drastically as a result of it. But, it was a decision I had to make for the better of myself, my husband, my daughters, my family. I wanted to take control of me and I didn’t have that control doing reality TV… She did not like that me and mom did the reality show in the nature that it was done.In a recent interview with Bossip, former reality star Neffe Pugh of BET’s came from making a huge decision in my life to walk away from reality TV and I’ve been off the market for almost two and a half years now. And if I’m going to be out there doing television, it’s going to be something that is going to change somebody’s life, versus you telling me ‘Oh my god I love you. You’re so ghetto’.”“I’ve always been this way [having a professional, calm demeanor]. I didn’t know where I was […] I was still in a time in my life when I was going through. What we thought was ‘Oh, you ain’t gonna do the show cuz I said so’ was really ‘You’re not going to do this show unless it’s done right.Auch wenn sich immer mehr Singles im Internet auf Partnersuche begeben, stehen zahlreiche Menschen Online-Datingportalen misstrauisch gegenüber.Wer nicht gleich alles riskieren und sich möglichst vorsichtig an das Thema Online-Partnersuche herantasten möchte, ist für den Anfang mit kostenlosen Singlebörsen gut beraten.Dont call me two days before you decide to go to Hawaii and do a ceremony. I just could not do that, I had other stuff going on. Neffe: [laughs] I wouldn’t call it a front but what I will say is that it was last minute for me and my family and because you were shooting a show and decided to do a ceremony, you took it upon yourself to have someone call me and invite me at the last minute.rollingout: Do you think the ceremony in Hawaii was a front for the cameras because it was so last minute? rollingout: Let’s get back to you though, I hear you’re releasing a book and I’m sure it’s on more than just you and your sister.I was in a time in my life when I was going through a real heavy divorce. So what you guys saw was a angry, angry, angry, depressed, young African American woman with children that needed to find her way out. I’m protecting you’ and I didn’t realize that until after the fact. No, but what I do regret is not being there for her when she wanted me to.What you guys may have thought was ghetto or hood was hurt and pain. As far as me not being at the wedding, it was like a last minute thing so I couldn’t just hop up and pack up my five kids and my husband and dash off to Hawaii. So it wasn’t like we don’t get along or some type of sibling rivalry.It is great to see that whatever patches Keyshia and Neffe hit in their relationship are in the process of being repaired.In a recent interview with Z Hip Hop Cleveland, Keyshia also discussed her recovering relationship with her sister.“Me and Neffe used to fight like cats and dogs.

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