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The presence of an Etruscan necropolis, discovered during excavations in the in 1991, confirmed its Etruscan origins.

Ancient Roman authors referred to Pisa as an old city.

These tracks became the route from Saldanha to Cape Town.

The existing tree lined avenue, the R304, which links the N7 to Mamre is a development of this early route.

) is a city in Tuscany, Central Italy, straddling the Arno just before it empties into the Ligurian Sea. Although Pisa is known worldwide for its leaning tower (the bell tower of the city's cathedral), the city of over 90,834 residents (around 200,000 with the metropolitan area) contains more than 20 other historic churches, several medieval palaces and various bridges across the Arno.

Much of the city's architecture was financed from its history as one of the Italian maritime republics.

THE POTSDAM OUTSPAN The Potsdam Outspan was located in the area of the present-day intersection of Potsdam, Koeberg and Blaauwberg Roads and was used as an overnight resting place for farmers on their way to and from Cape Town.

• Calendar of events Plan your visit to the Czech Republic with respect to open-air festivals and sports events, or just draw inspiration for your evening programme.This obelisk was first erected in Egypt by Pharaoh Thotmes lll around 1500BC.It was presented to the British people in 1819 in recognition of Nelsons victory over the French fleet at the Battle of the Nile in 1798.Are you planning your holiday in the Czech Republic, and would you like to know which towns you simply have to visit?Then use a FREE mobile application called Czech Republic - Land of Stories, provided by Czech Tourism (Czech Tourism Central Office).The city is also home of the University of Pisa, which has a history going back to the 12th century and also has the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, founded by Napoleon in 1810, and its offshoot, the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies as the best sanctioned Superior Graduate Schools in Italy.Ostrogothic Kingdom 493–553 Eastern Roman Empire 553-603 Lombard Kingdom 603–773 Carolingian Empire 774–812 March of Tuscany 812–1000 Republic of Pisa 1000–1406 Republic of Florence 1406–1532 Duchy of Florence 1532–1569 Grand Duchy of Tuscany 1569–1801 Kingdom of Etruria 1801–1807 First French Empire 1807–1815 Grand Duchy of Tuscany 1815–1859 United Provinces of Central Italy 1859–1860 Kingdom of Italy 1861–1946 Italian Republic 1946–present The origin of the name, Pisa, is a mystery.Neither Barry nor Pugin were to live to see the new buildings completed.The famous tower and clock are known as Big Ben but this is in fact the name of the 16 ton bell which rings the hour.THE N7 The present day N7follows approximately the same route as one of the earliest routes out of the Cape – past Rietvlei and along the Diep River.KOEBERG ROAD Koeberg Road follows approximately the same route as the early northward routes out of Cape Town.

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