Optimize the boot image updating process completely regenerate the boot

I still can not get MDT to get past the DHCP issue. Are you using Windows Deployment Services (WDS) to boot via PXE?

This process allows you to rapidly configure your Surface devices with identical environments that can be configured to precisely fit your organization’s requirements.An alternative to the reimaging process is an upgrade process.The upgrade process is non-destructive and instead of erasing the existing environment on your Surface device, it allows you to install Windows 10 while retaining your user data, applications, and settings.This article is designed to help ease that pain by showing you how to set up a repeatable migration solution so every migration you perform is identical to the last, other than the user settings and data that were stored locally on the XP machines.Microsoft's free deployment tool, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 (MDT 2010), provides friendly wizards that walk you through scenario-based questions.First you need to add the driver to your "Out-Of-Box Drivers".You then need to right click your deployment share and select properties. Please do not reply to this mail; for comments, please link to I encourage you to quote this material, SO LONG as you include this entire document; thanks.Solutions Plus: PROBLEM: You need to migrate several Windows XP machines to Windows 7. Applications that are installed on the XP machine won't be migrated—you'll have to redeploy them using Group Policy or Configuration Manager.SOLUTION: Use Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 WHAT YOU NEED: Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010, Windows Automated Installation Kit for Windows 7 SOLUTION STEPS:f 1. While migrating one or two machines is no big deal, migrating 20 or 20,000 XP machines can be a real pain. Migrating allows you to install Windows 7 while maintaining your users' settings and data.

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