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“It is not the most beautiful object, but still it holds so much history,” said Thoury.

“It shows how the metalworkers at the time were so innovative and wanted to optimize and improve the technique.” To read about a Late Roman amulet, go to “Artifact.” reports that a team of researchers from the Israel Nature and Parks Authority and the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary have discovered a 3,600-year-old pottery vessel in the foundations of a building at Tel Gezer, a city located in central Israel along the ancient strategic route between Egypt and Mesopotamia.

, reports that a cooking pot filled with oil lamps has been uncovered at the site of Vindonissa, a first-century A. “The intentions behind this burial are puzzling at the moment.” For more, go to “Switzerland Everlasting.” reports that a team of scientists used a full-field photoluminescence technique to examine the molecular structure of a 6,000-year-old amulet discovered in Pakistan at the Neolithic site of Mehrgarh.

Only paid members have access to the full range of Match features, but free members can create a profile, conduct searches, post photos, and send winks.If you come off too rough, you’re going to have issues.Remember that most of the people you’re going to be meeting have been in the scene for quite some time.If you’re struck with writer’s block, Match offers a Profile Pro service that provides dating experts to review your profile, edit the text so it puts your best foot forward, and offer online dating advice.After subscribing, members have unlimited access to Match.com’s complete functionality.If you’re not being good to the community, the community won’t see the need to be good to you.Remember, the community isn’t just the people who support you, but the ones you want to swing with as well!You’re done with the bar scene and you’re very much interested in settling down to have a family of your own. Well, if you’re born in 1971, you’re part of Generation X. Your friends are buying their first houses and having their first kids. Maybe he’ll still be vigorous enough to keep up with your active lifestyle. Next, since you can’t convince someone to date an older man, stop trying.And then you, the 36-year-old woman, post your profile, and what happens? It doesn’t stop older men from writing, but at least you don’t have to explain yourself to a man who doesn’t want to hear your perfectly valid explanation. But you must understand that any woman you desire online has choices. She can go out with a cute, successful man who is 35. To find out who IS interested, try Match.com’s Reverse Match.Most 36-year-old women think you’re a dirty old man. This does not mean that you’re not a great guy with a ton to give and the purest intentions. I know you were looking for advice, Dale, so I don’t want to leave you without it. One, sign up with one of those successful men/younger women sites.Now you’re going to get the same song and dance as every other guy who has written to complain about women on the Internet. So let’s say you’re a 36-year-old woman, entering the prime of your life. Yeah, 45 is a little old, you say, but you want to be open-minded. It’s that you’re failing to recognize what most younger women want. At least you know that a woman on Millionaire Match might be more willing to sacrifice youth for security.

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