Revenue stamp dating alcohol

It also provides anonymous crowdsourcing feedback using geo-localisation technology, which will help the SENAE to better target its control efforts.The contract was awarded to SICPA in consortium with the Ecuadorian company Supraplast.

There were Nonbeverage distilled spirits taxpaid stamps, doctors’ prescription blanks for medicinal alcohol, alcohol warehousing stamps, and the unique quarter pint bottle stamps for bottled in bond distilled spirits. When National Prohibition descended on the nation on January 16, 1920, there were three ways that beverage alcohol could be obtained legally: sacramental wines were allowed, medicinal distilled spirits and wines could be prescribed by a physician, and the male head of the household was permitted to produce 200 gallons of wine for his household.

Wishart, Lactopeptine, Ladd & Coffin, Lundborg's Perfumery, Matches, Medicines, Meyer & Co., Mrs.

Winslow's Soothing Syrup, Poland's Magic Powders, Proprietary Stamp, R.

The stamps served to seal the bottle to show that they were properly accounted for.

In the case of bottled in bond liquor, this meant that the spirits could be stored in a bonded warehouse for eight years before the taxes had to be paid.

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