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So, what topics do women like to talk about with men?

You can talk about whatever you want, but there are some easy topics to rely on to ensure that the woman gets into a good mood and enjoys talking to you.

What should you talk about during the initial conversations that you have with a woman prior to dating and having a sexual relationship with her?

Another important point to make about the conversation topics listed above, is that women tend to talk about those things amongst OTHER WOMEN. Not knowing how to talk to women in an interesting way, some guys choose not to talk to women at ALL.

He would insist on driving in the dead center of a two way intersection, and no matter how much I complained, sulked, and threatened, nothing made a dent.

The only consolation I found was the thought that at least the cars coming towards us, were staying in their lane.

New podcasts are available every few days, and they make the podcasts especially entertaining through the use of music, sound effects and radio-play style drama.

They currently have 120 podcasts available, going back to 2012 (with an additional podcast from 2002). If you’ve watched Saturday Night Live in recent years, you might be familiar with Andy Stanley.

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