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Because you love drinking, you love history, and, of course, you love the history of drinking, we've tracked down the oldest bar, tavern, or pub in each of the 50 states... Now obviously, tracing bars through time is an admittedly inaccurate science, especially in a country that once banned booze.Some bars opened, closed, and reopened again years later; some burned down and were rebuilt; others moved buildings, changed names, turned into post offices, or stopped serving alcohol all together. But what's the best, most essential, go-to food city for each and every state? Using our roster of nationwide editors and writers and probably a couple of hobos, we diced our weird-shaped melting pot 50 ways and identified the best overall food city in each state. We also know that some states are home to more great food towns than most countries thrice their size.As you may’ve guessed from every other clue, that is now A 1, and though the scene inside does feel a bit like a time capsule, the food is very much up-to-date, and delicious (what other diners are regularly whipping up Korean vegetable pancakes with spicy green beans, huh?!?

While records are scarce, debate fierce, and the laughter we received when calling state historical societies very real (not to mention, slightly hurtful.

1 Sepang, Malaysia; 8 Suzuka, Japan; 22 Austin, United States; 29 Mexico City, Mexico Nov. (Chris Madden); 23 Barberville, Fla.; 24 Barberville, Fla.; 25 Barberville, Fla. C.; 8 Maryville, Tenn.; 14 Granite City, Ill.; 15 Wheatland, Mo.; 18 Aberdeen, S. April 1 Perris, Calif.; 7 Somerton, Ariz.; 8 Queen Creek, Ariz.; 9 Queen Creek, Ariz.; 14 Mesquite, Texas; 15 Mesquite, Texas; 21 West Memphis, Ark.; 22 Pevely, Mo.; 28 Plymouth, Ind.; 29 Haubstadt, Ind. June 1 Jackson, Minn.; 2 Jackson, Minn.; 3 Jackson, Minn.; 9 Knoxville, Iowa; 10 Knoxville, Iowa; 13 Eagle, Neb.; 16 Grand Forks, N. D.; 20 Sauk Rapids, Minn.; 23 West Liberty, Iowa; 24 Beaver Dam, Wis.; 27 Joliet, Ill.; 29 Spring Valley, Minn. Y.; 25 Ohsweken, Ont.; 28 Hartford, Mich.; 29 Wilmot, Wis. 4 Pevely, Mo.; 5 Pevely, Mo.; 9 Knoxville, Iowa; 10 Knoxville, Iowa; 11 Knoxville, Iowa; 12 Knoxville, Iowa; 18 Grand Forks, N.

May 5 Tazewell, Tenn.; 6 Union, Ky.; 18 Lasalle, Ill.; 19 Luxemburg, Wis.; 20 Spring Valley, Minn.; 23 Greenwood, Neb.; 25 Wheatland, Mo.; 26 Wheatland, Mo.; 27 Wheatland, Mo. July 1 Portsmouth, Ohio; 2 Mansfield, Ohio; 3 Zanesville, Ohio; 6 FAYETTEVILLE; 7 Gaffney, S. 1112 Union, Ky.; 18-19 Locust Grove, Ark.; 25 Junction City, Ky.; 26 Lawrenceburg, Ind. (DH)March 3 Kilgore, Texas; 4 Willis, Texas; 9 Las Vegas; 10 Las Vegas; 17 Tulare, Calif.; 18 Tulare, Calif.; 24 Stockton, Calif.; 25 Stockton, Calif.; 29 Placerville, Calif.; 31 Hanford, Calif. D.; 7 New Richmond, Wis.; 8 New Richmond, Wis.; 11 Attica, Ohio; 13 Rossburg, Ohio; 14 Rossburg, Ohio; 15 Rossburg, Ohio; 18 Sarver, Pa.; 21 Mechanicsburg, Pa.; 22 Mechanicsburg, Pa.; 23 Ransomville, N.

), while others are contentious as all hell (maybe Cali will finally split in two). Rising in tandem with its music and art cred, the Magic City's restaurant scene truly has something for everyone, whether it's white tablecloth award-winners like Hot and Hot Fish Club, Cafe Dupont, and Highlands Bar & Grill, date-worthy burger joints (Chez Fonfon will change your life, no joke), wood-fired pizza and craft beer at Post Office Pies and Slice, food trucks galore, or piles and piles of fall-off-the-bone barbecue (see: Miss Myra's, Jim 'N Nick's, Saw's). Let's be honest: Juneau isn't just one of America's best small food cities. It could have been a contender based on seafood spot Tracy's King Crab Shack alone.

That joints like The Rookery Cafe, Panhandle Provisions, the hyped In Bocca al Lupo, and fine-dining destination SALT exist in a place just as notable for smaller mom-and-pop shops, like breakfast fave Gon Zo, just adds more proof that even a town of 33,000 can bring a world-class touch to its food game.

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