Sober dating in south florida

When I came to Florida three years ago from Chicago for treatment, I wasn’t yet sold on staying.

Truthfully, I didn’t have a plan in place for after rehab at all.

So of course finding a roommate while in recovery can be a daunting task.

For some people it is already difficult finding someone you can stand to live with.

If you are in addiction recovery, chances are you have heard that South Florida is the “recovery capitol of the world.” You may be wondering what that actually means.

It’s hard to imagine what the recovery scene is like without living in it personally, so here is an account from one young woman who has three years of sobriety that started and was sustained in South Florida.

It is slightly remote, yet still within a 15 minute drive to Tampa. for more, click here In addition to AA speakers, we also have live music from several bands on the west side of the camp. The music will be all different styles from recovery-based music to classic rock, blues, metal, country, folk & more.It was huge enough that I had actually agreed to go to rehab.My drug of choice was alcohol in combination with any pills I could get my hands on. It was my first, and thankfully last time in addiction treatment.Thank you so much for all you do =) Last year was my first time at Sober Stock and it really showed me that the party has not ended just because I got sober!! Myers had such an awesome time over the weekend and I cant wait for the next annual Soberstock. The speakers were absolutely wonderful, and the open meetings (were) great too.I was there from Friday on and only got about 4 hours sleep but it was oh so worth it!! Wooohooo it sure is great to be sober and living!!! The music was great and the fellowship was amazing. This years Sober Stock was a blast, and was better than last year's. The bands - well what can I say, except great !!!!!! If you have never been to Sober Stock, then go next year. EMAIL OR MAIL YOU A CONFIRMATION, nor will there be tickets sent to you! You will , receive a receipt from Pay Pal - we also receive it & will put you on our "Will Call" our list, to verify your order at the gate of the event... - "As a sober musician myself I have performed at over 6 various outdoor performances within AA and I have to say, it's the most awesome experience I have had in my musical career - I wish you all luck in your endeavors!" click here I had a blast last year, and plan on attending every year if I can. I met lots of new people, got to know the people I went with better, and found the fun side of sobriety!!We are always interested in expanding the Sober Travelers links. All seaside suites have air conditioning, TV, radio, and daily maid service.Kitchenettes equiped with hot plate, coffee maker, toaster, pots, pans, and all necessary cutlery. June 16-20, 2016 (reservations preferred by November 1, 2015).With a lot of people, searching through room-for-rent ads on Craigslist makes them just as anxious as trying to find a roommate in their halfway house.Some of us just get lucky, and some of us definitely don’t.

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