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The Mating Grounds Podcast is a collaboration between #1 bestselling author, Tucker Max, and renowned evolutionary psychologist, Professor Geoffrey Miller, to teach men how to be successful with women, dating and relationships.

Through discussions and interviews with the worlds leading experts in human sexuality, psychology, animal behavior, genetics and behavioral studies, they explain in clear and actionable terms precisely what men need to know about sex, dating, relationships, and women, and how to improve yourself in all of those areas.

In fact, from Tucker’s point of view, they’re almost one in the same.

Believe it or not, marketing yourself for social relationships is related to marketing your business for success.

: I’m not very attractive I’m cute I’m cute enough for you, assface I’m hot If you like morbidly obese, cross-eyed fat girls, you’ll LOVE me I’m a butter face I’m a Chicago girl (it means you have a hot face and a fat ass…and don’t email me pissed about this. : I can read enough to answer this I’m average I’m smart enough to get your stupid jokes I’m a fucking genius I can bend things with my mind I’m dumber than week-old bat shit Who are you to question the intelligence of anyone else? I like to use lots of exclamation points in my emails!!!! : I’m about average I’m pretty sane, but have some minor insecurities and peculiarities, just like everyone I’m very emotionally stable I am a rock I’m loonier than a shit-house rat I claw at my eyes, trying to get the demons out The doctor says he can’t increase my prescriptions anymore or he’d get in trouble Sometimes, the restraints chafe my wrists. I wonder how much money she cost him.” “She’s just a cheap hooker.

You don’t think that 80% of cute women in Chicago fit this description? I wonder how much smack she cost him.” “Should have been a blow job.” “Her shade of lipstick looks like the color you’d find at the base of a penis.” “Look at her…did she just get released from a methadone clinic?

Fair warning: Even though Tucker’s a family man now, he had a hard time keeping this talk G rated. When you walk into a bar (or a coffee shop or a gym or anywhere you’re likely to meet women), a woman is actually going to assess you at first sight, and within about 1 – 30 seconds, she’s already made up her mind.

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They also talk about gratitude & gratefulness (Joe doesn't have any) and the first week of his new job. This week on Helping Joe, Charlie and Nils continue to help Joe on his job hunt and go over five of his recent interviews, including what he did right and wrong and how to make big improvements in talking to potential future employers. In this episode, Joe goes through a list of grievances he has with Tucker, Nils, and Charlie over the...

“[But] the guys didn’t even have a basic foundational set of knowledge about life or about women or about social relationships that they could put my stories into context.” And this is why a deep understanding of social relationships is nothing but beneficial for your business.

I’m not telling you to marry your job, because it will never satisfy you in a way a romantic relationship ever could.

“I wrote tone of voice, Tucker Max still experienced the same problem.

“I assumed when I wrote the stories that everyone got the subtext,” Tucker says.

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