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The face of every model in the Macan range lays bare the dominant sporty genes of their hereditary line.

Markers include the characteristic headlights, which are recessed in the bonnet. Some people focus on leisure time, for others the family is front and centre. On the topic of the engine: 2-litre displacement, four cylinders – yet...

Went back to the dealer, they checked out the car, said the map didn't take. Well, I decided to take matters into my own hands and test a theory.

Left the car for a few days, they said it was NOW really done -- drove around, nope, same map, same old Eastern Span. I can tell you is that my SA is reluctant, for some reason, to update the NAV in my 2014 Panamera even though I've asked him about it a couple of times. The theory was that the dealer did do the PIWIS licensing procedure -- they applied the license key that comes in the 997.044.908.61, by running in the PIWIS system and then applying it to the car with PIWIS connected -- Step 1 in the Porsche instructions -- but never performed Step 2, which is to load the actual new Navigation Database, that is part # 997.642.271.58.

To be fair to Porsche, this sort of practice isn't unique to the German sports car maker.

It comprises an electronic and map-controlled multi-plate...

On request, you can have sports tailpipes for your Macan.

Now owners of 991 and 981 models are reporting that official Porsche dealers in the UK are offering a full seven-digit software upgrade for the frankly preposterous fee of £500.

To put it in context, brand new models have starting prices ranging from a little under £40,000 up to nearly £90,000.

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