Validating address change credit bureau

If a collection account comes into your life, you've heard about it in one of three ways: You could try to use debt settlement methods to deal with a collection agency, but you might want to try debt validation first.

Before you do, you need understand the dos and don'ts of debt validation.

If you don't want to pay for your reports, then you will have to get them from Annual Credit

Dealing with debt collectors is probably not on the top of your list of things you would like to do, but sometimes there is no way around it.

You didn’t mention how long ago you moved, but your creditors may not have had a chance to send us the updated information yet.

If you need to have your address updated quickly, you can mail us documentation showing the new address, and we will update your report accordingly.

Do you want to contact one of the big three credit reporting agencies?

The information on this page regarding the credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and Trans Union, may change, but is current as of March 2017.

Both of these articles should help you when dealing with a debt collector.

Your address will be updated by your lenders automatically after you notify them that you’ve moved.

They will provide your new address the next time they report updates of your account information to Experian.

Instead, get in touch with your creditors and ask them to update your records with your new address, name or employer.

When your creditors send their monthly updates to the credit bureaus, they'll include your new information and your credit report will be updated.

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