Validating commending and celebrating accomplishments dating larry gudith

This applies to lousy, spirit-breaking times in your marriage.

Then she jumped one foot down from a step on the playscape.

My concern with overvaluing my children doesn’t actually stem from a fear of creating narcissists.

In fact that term has been bandied around so much in the recent news that I’m unsure what people even mean by it.

"Somehow, parents have come to believe that by praising their kids they improve their self-esteem," Paul Donahue, Ph D, founder and director of Child Development Associates, says.

"Though well-intentioned, putting kids on a pedestal at an early age can actually hinder their growth." Too much praise can backfire, it seems, and, when given in a way that's insincere, make kids afraid to try new things or take a risk for fear of not being able to stay on top where their parent's praise has put them.

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