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Your body is capable of experiencing so much pleasure; why wouldn't you want to make that pleasure a part of daily life?" Marin knows her stuff: The licensed psychotherapist guides clients to better sex lives in person as well as via video chat, phone, and email coaching sessions. We’ve amassed 1000’s of stories, chat, post at the forum or check out our exclusive photos and videos of amateurs masturbating. We’re all about amateur masturbation and masturbation is all about the orgasm. Some women are just bold and do what needs to be done. She loves to masturbate, and she knows exactly how she likes it. We are the place to see all of the latest and sexiest masturbation online.

(This is going to be the best New Year's resolution you ever make.)"There are lots of reasons to masturbate — getting to know your body, learning how to orgasm, developing better confidence, decreasing stress, supporting healthier societal attitudes about female pleasure," Marin tells me, "but the best reason is simply because it feels good!

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Still others described using a video camera in a videoconference scenario.

Some responses favored "cybering" with another person, saying the experience enhanced their orgasms. People who enjoy "cybering" described how the illusion of parallel sexual activity enhanced their experience of masturbation and orgasm.

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