What to know when dating a libra woman

Try ' Tell Me Honey...2000 Questions for Couples', the best-selling book available from The first thing that you are likely to notice about a Libra woman is the perfection of her social graces.

Among the most sociable of all the signs, she probably has a very large network of friends and a hectic social life.

In general, we Libras are known as harmonious, pleasant, and well-balanced people (scales, get it? But scratch the surface and you’ll find there’s a bit more to us — and admittedly, it’s not all so delightful and sunshiney. The one with the crisp air, beautiful leaves, and oh yeah, HALLOWEEN.

There may come a time when you find yourself in love with one of us, and when that time comes, these little nuggets of knowledge might just help you navigate the relationship. We know everyone loves it (if you don’t, there’s something definitely wrong with you), and we basically claim ownership for its existence, purely based on our birthdates.

Beautiful, romantic and tragic One common quirk of Libra women is that of getting depressed easily.

Partly this is because they genuinely feel the world should always be fair and beautiful, and the reality of course is that sometimes it just isn't.

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