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I'm 5ft 7 and she's 5ft 3" said on 18/Apr/17 @Heightist, if you take the time to look there's 2 inches allowed either way from the list for each celeb.Not a chance of her being 5 ft 1 let alone under it.That's silly, but 5 ft 2 range is certainly arguable.said on 17/Apr/17 I'm 5'3" with a small build, and I can tell she's definitely shorter than me. She doesn't seem short from her well-balanced classically beautiful face. The pull-down menu doesn't have anything under 5'1", so I'm forced to select 5'1".

I think for the first time ever he took my breath away - I was like f*ck, he's good-looking."She said that she then visited Ashton's house for a party, where the intention was to be set up with one of his friends.

He has more than 160,000 followers on You Now and over 1 million followers on Instagram.

He said that when the police raided his home in 2003 after combing through the records of a US company hosting child porn sites, his main concern was just that they would read his diaries, featuring dilemmas about which yacht or flash car to splash out on, and think he was ‘a self-obsessed prat’.

American Actress best known for roles in films like Star Wars Phantom Menace, Leon, Black Swan and Thor has claimed to stand tall at "five foot three".

Keira Knightly said in a 2004 edition of The Sunday Mirror that after meeting Natalie "There is a huge height difference.

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