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It’s easy to […] When they told us we’d be sitting in volcanic fed springs in the middle of the jungle, I was a bit hesitant.Before you begin your search for a girlfriend, you have to take into consideration what you are looking for.A great line-up of singles cruises, tours, adventures and weekends for you to choose from. With the subject of airline […] February can be cold. Ecuador may be the surprise gem that you never considered, holding a wealth of new […] Taking a flight to your vacation or work destination has no doubt become the worst part of your journey.CSz Los Angeles - Home of Comedy Sportz Los Angeles, USC Alumni Association, RV There Yet (A road trip of epic proportions), Latinos for Obama, I VOTE, Ariana Becerra, President You, Eric Garcetti, L. River Expeditions, Lauren Pritchard, Brett & Greg, Sarah Girard Yoga, Weddings & Events by Ana, FTWednesdays!

February can be brutal if you hate Valentine’s Day. Don’t let February end with an empty box of chocolates and nothing to look forward to. Now is the time to ride Wave Season and book a cruise or cross an adventure off your […] Sometimes a smaller ship has a distinct advantage, as proven by the unique Cuban itinerary of the Celestyal Crystal with the most ports of call.Why just see Havana when you can also ease into the smaller harbors of the old Cuban capital of Santiago, the quaint city of Cienfuegos and the original harbor of Montego […] New Year’s Eve Escape…St. Who doesn’t want to escape to the Caribbean over the Holidays, right?Although I’ve cruised this itinerary before, it’s always just as exciting as the first because I’m traveling with different members of the Single Travel International community and the NCL Escape is such an amazing ship.Since she is independent, she will understand that interest may vary and that not everyone enjoys every single thing the other does.You hear the ads on the radio all the time for various supplements that claim to boost low T levels, but which product is best?You have to identify the needs you have before starting a relationship with another person.Remember that wants and needs are two very different things.Or the person who will introduce you to the person who introduces you to them. Lo Dolce says, "I ensure that my clients are setting two types of 'dating goals.' One type of goal is the 'outcome goal.' What is your ultimate goal in dating? "Dating Makeover" Coach, Kira Sabin cautions against marriage-minded people jumping the gun: "Somewhere along the way, dates have turned into an interview for marriage. You are not looking for a spouse or even a significant other. Your boundaries should be working for you, not the other way around. April Braswell and Kira Sabin both advocate for a fluid dating style. Get up off the couch, get offline and interact with live people." Dating coach, Adam Lo Dolce, agrees that getting out is essential: "It's so critical to get yourself out the door and go to parties, go to events and approach people for conversation (yes, women can do this too)." 2. Whatever the goal is, it's important to write down what you are trying to achieve, but only review your progress on a monthly basis." 3. At the end of the date, ask yourself if you want a second date? Have Clear Boundaries The issue of boundaries is tricky territory in dating. It's a relationship that you're looking for, not a project, right?Here is her story: Website: long have you been/were you a regular? Meet New People Even if you're not going to meet your future husband or wife at the park, the farmers market, the dinner party or the concert, you might meet the person who will eventually introduce you to them. Dating expert and online dating coach, April Braswell, suggests you make a habit of it: "Make it a new healthy habit to meet new people and weave them into your life. Know Your Goal You don't have to know exactly what you want, but setting small goals based on what you think you want will help you to clarify. Adjust Your Expectations We have to be careful, however, to make sure that we're not just single-mindedly pursuing our goals to the point where we can't see what's right in front of our face. It’s two people getting to know each other in a safe, social setting. No one wants to be to rigid, but no one wants to get walked on, either. Switching things up will help you to remain engaged with the person you're with, rather than just consulting your mental checklist.

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