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If this is the case then be aware that you'll have to purchase coins using real-world money.

It was announced at Game Developers Conference on March 24, 2009 that the XNA framework 3.1 would have an API to support Avatars in indie games.And - finally - they can be used when the console is offline.Microsoft has restored the console's Gamerscore leaderboard, which was swept away from the Xbox One dashboard in last year's November update (it's now in your Profile app instead).I've been playing with the Avatars app that has just been released for Windows 10 Technical Preview. When you open Avatars, your current character shows up in the middle, with menu buttons to the left. You can also change your appearance by selecting Edit Avatar.It isn't quite finished yet, but you can still play around with the app and provide feedback. Tap the hamburger button to understand what the icons mean. You can customize your character's shape, skin, hair, facial features, and more.Some games (marked with an asterisk) get updated to support Avatars when the user updates to the New Xbox Experience dashboard.The Xbox One February update arrives today for Preview members and in a couple of weeks for everyone else.Tapping the marketplace icon opens the Avatar Store in a web browser.There are a few items that are free to download, but many of the items have prices similar to mobile apps and games. When you try to open it, you get a message that says it is coming soon.Previously, avatar customisation in Pokémon GO was limited to a few items, all of which were free.However, there was little room for variation so most avatars ended up looking largely the same, bar the colour of their clothes. You'll have to purchase a lot of these items using coins - the game's premium currency - and unless you've been taking over a lot of gyms (and, more importantly, holding onto them) then you may not have enough funds to get the gear you want.

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