This would include the member area, the performer/studio management areas, any and all e-mails delivered to your customers as well as e-mails delivered to your performers.

In all respects, the website will seem to be run by your company.

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Without the body, there is apparently no functional mind.

It makes intuitive sense to many of us that we with our bodies, because we’ve all experienced desires and emotions that seem to arise from the body: erotic longings and hunger pangs, or hollow, cavernous “drops” in the stomach that signal intense emotional pain, often because a relationship that’s important to us has become threatened.

The mind, it turns out, can’t really be separated from the body at all, because the body seems to play an integral role in almost everything the mind does.


Because the alteration of images is appalling and imappropriate and, indeed, harmful. The AMA said there was a "large body of research" linking media exposure to eating disorders.

Our studio commission rates reach up to 50% and our webmaster commission rates go up to 30%.

Should you wish to concentrate on users from Eastern & Central Europe, then hosting your websites in our Eastern European datacenter is really a wise move.

What’s more, we grant you complete control of the rates charged by your performers along with the percent split between your performers and your studio.

Best of all, we pay among the top commission rates in the business.

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