Younger women are intimidating

When I view women profile that looked at me first I'm seeing a pattern of the same type woman ( no offense ) 1. My question is my personal message sending negative vibes, intimidating women because I strive for greatness and expect the same or better, or better yet I ask a young lady and she automatically assumed I was lying about my character and merits.

I understand that my age 27 has a lot to do with how I'm perceived but that's no reason to prejudge a person before you get to know them.

You don’t have to settle for older women if you’re an older guy.

There are a hell of a lot of girls who love older men, especially if you know how to present yourself as a man with a lot of money and experience.

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Some women say that open-mindedness and novelty are perks of being with a younger man.

It’s also said that older women interested in younger men are simply looking for an ego boost and reconfirmation of their desirability.

Despite the views of others, there is some natural attraction of younger men to older women, and of older women to younger men.

I get a lot of views on average about 5-20 women a week ( not bragging ) but I have noticed that 95% of the views I get I reviewed no messages. I do tend to be a little critical of the topics and how efficiently we communicate for example: I don't respond to messages that aren't completed sentence or one word.

Even from the ones that favorite me or use the Meet Me feature. I don't talk about things that you would discuss on a first date: where are you from, favorite movie, etc.

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